Cacao Prieto

Single Origin Dominican, Organic Beans-to-Bar Chocolate

Our Process

At our factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn we process our beans from roasting to the final steps of bon bon making and individual chocolate bar wrapping.  From start to finish, many of the innovative machines Cacao Prieto have themselves invented.


Organic, single origin, 72% chocolate made from the finest organic Dominican cacao. 


Cacao Prieto rums crafted from Organic Cane Sugar and Organic Dominican Cacao.

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Chocolate machines are designed and built in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York.


Here at Cacao Prieto, we pride ourselves on doing things differently. Chocolate is a product of the industrial revolution- with a lot of machinery involved in the steps it takes for a chocolate bar to be created.

A lot of our machinery has been unchanged since it was originally invented over 100 years ago. We here at Cacao Prieto are so devoted to hand crafting the finest chocolate in the world that we ended up inventing a group of chocolate machines to elevate the chocolate making process to a science; making the highest quality chocolate in the world. We produce and sell these machines out of our sister company Brooklyn Cacao, LLC

Although we at Cacao Prieto are committed to the technological enhancement and progression of the Cacao industry, from farm to bar, we also relish the history behind chocolate and aim to preserve as much of the history around chocolate as a commodity and industry, which is why we start our process with our Barth Sirroco 400kg Ball Roaster.