Cacao Prieto

Single Origin Dominican, Organic Beans-to-Bar Chocolate

Brooklyn Cacao Machines


We start off the Bean-to-Bar process with our roaster. In fusing classic chocolate making with new age technology, our Barth Sirroco 400kg Ball Roaster is a classic Victorian machine that roasts each small batch in a rotating convection “ball”. Roasting while constantly rotating the beans enables us to roast in such a way, showcasing the terrior of our beans.


Then our roasted beans go into our cracker. Once cacao beans are roasted, it loosens the shell (aka the husk) and enables us to separate then inner cacao Nib, from the outer husk. Cracking them allows us to move forward with fully separating the two in a process called winnowing.


Our first chocolate machine that we invented was the Vortex Winnower which separates the cacao nibs from its husk following the roasting process. We wanted our chocolate to be absolutely pure and found that other industrial Winnowers (nib/husk separators) allowed far too much husk material into the chocolate. 

We needed something that was more efficient and, in keeping with our overall ethos, celebrating the beauty and purity of cacao.

Roasted cacao beans pass through a two stage cracking mill and are then pneumatically conveyed into the Vortex tubes. The nib and husk particles are suspended and accelerated in a swirling gas stream. As the mass of the nibs and husk particles are different, so is their kinetic energy. The Vortex winnower uses centrifugal forces to differentiate between the high and low kinetic energy particles suspended in the swirling gas stream which allows a separation of Nibs into the first 5 gallon reservoir and husks into the second. In addition to the husks all dust particles larger than 5 microns (millions of an inch) are trapped in the second reservoir during the operation.

With this invention, the Vortex Winnower allowed us to create a chocolate much purer that what we were getting with industrial winnowers.


We are the proud owners of an 1895 Lehman mélange. We came into possession when we purchased the California Sharffenberger factory machinery from Hersheys.

We love this machine so much we decided to reproduce it. We have the machine fully modeled for its original 400 kg capacity model, and have now re-engineered for a smaller 100kg size with internal motor.

Casting patterns are being fabricated now and we are accepting orders for the first batch of machines.

This is a labor of love for us and all machines will have a plaque stating the machine was custom built for your chocolate company.


Wrapping Machine

wrapping machine color corrected.JPG