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Single Origin Dominican, Organic Beans-to-Bar Chocolate

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Cacao Prieto is offering 2 Rum based products crafted from Organic Cane Sugar and Organic Dominican Cacao. As with artisanal chocolate making, every Organic Cacao bean is hand roasted, cracked and winnowed. Distillation is followed by a period of aging in oak. The resulting products are truly unique, accurately capturing the aroma and flavor of Organic dark roasted chocolate in a bottle for the first time. In the hands of a mixologist these products represent a brand new color palette for creating new masterpieces or revamping classics. At 40% ABV they can be utilized as a base spirit in cocktails or enjoyed neat, on the rocks or chilled.

Don Rafael Cacao Rum

Winner Double Gold Medal San Francisco Spirits Competition 2012
USA, New York | (750)mL

Deep notes of incredibly pure cacao absolutely jump out of the glass. The chocolate flavors on the palate are accentuated by hints of coffee and the rum base comes bursting through keeping everything very lively and light. For the serious drinker and chocolate lover.

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Don Estaban Cacao Liqueur

90 Points Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2012
USA, New York | (750)ml
Wonderfully complex and unique with bright notes of dark chocolate with supporting notes of toffee, vanilla bean, and toasted marshmallow with a hint of pepper.

Click here to purchase Don Estaban online from Tasting notes from Astor Wines: “A local, organic liqueur made from single origin heirloom cacao from 100yr old family owned plantations in the Dominican Republic. A harmonious nose of chocolate and sugar cane greet the nose and follow on the palate with a hint of sweetness and citrus. Very smooth, and an excellent digestif or addition to your best cocktails ”

White Rum Product Shot.jpg

White Rum

Not your typical rum agricole: Made from 100% Organic Dominican Sugar Cane. We ferment with a wine yeast and distilled to a slightly higher purity than usual. The effect is super clean and light with wonderful aromatic notes of honeysuckle and banana.

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