Cacao Prieto

Single Origin Dominican, Organic Beans-to-Bar Chocolate

Cacao Biotechnology

Cacao Prieto & Cacao Biotech exclusively funded two laboratories at the Penn State University. We are also building two new laboratories in the Dominican Republic which we intend to be amongst the leading research facilities in the world devoted to advancing the science of cacao and to specifically preserving the bio-diversity of cacao in the Dominican Republic.

We have extensively surveyed more than 3000 kilometers of cacao country in the Dominican Republic, painstakingly collecting rare samples of cacao plants and hybrids.  Over the past two years we have tested these samples with metalbolomics, proteomics and mass spectrometry/gas chromotography to identify high value traits in  rare cacao hybrids. Examples of high value traits range from disease resistance, to superior organoleptic properties, to increased quantities of healthy compounds and compounds for pharmaceutical use.

It is important to note that we are applying the most cutting edge science and genetic analysis techniques to ensure the success of our classical breeding programs. We want to make absolutely clear that Coralina Farms is 100% organic and NON-GMO!

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