Cacao Prieto

Single Origin Dominican, Organic Beans-to-Bar Chocolate


Cacao Prieto

218 Conover Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone: 347-225-0130


Hours: Monday - Friday 9 AM-5 PM, Saturday and Sunday 11 AM - 7 PM

Chocolate Factory & Distillery Tours

Cacao Prieto tours are an hour and include an in-depth look at the history of cacao in the Dominican Republic, the beans to bar process, the machinery used for processing and science that makes chocolate the unique product it is. From turn of the century antiques to patented machines invented in house, see how a raw fermented cacao bean moves from farm-to-bar through roasting, cracking, winnowing, milling, tempering, molding, and packaging. Following chocolate is a look at distilling rums, liqueurs, and whiskey from grain-to-barrel-to-bottle. Tasting flights included.


Walk-in Tours:

Sat & Sun: Noon, 2PM, and 4 PM for winter.

$20 per person - Private tours are available by appointment for $30.

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